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5 Foods To Stop Eating Before Bed + 5 To Start

5 Foods To Stop Eating Before Bed + 5 To Start 0

Picture this: its late at night, you’re binge watching your favourite show snuggled on the couch and you reach for your favourite snacks. What are you grabbing? Are you going salty or sweet? Maybe you’ve even grabbed something healthy! Or maybe you’re just plain hungry. Regardless of what kind of snacker you are, I bet you didn’t know some of those yummy treats are the reason you might be waking up feeling unrested. But don’t fret! We’ve got you covered with 5 foods you should and shouldn’t consume before bed!  
What Type of Cinnamon Is Best?

What Type of Cinnamon Is Best? 0

What kind of cinnamon are you using? Oh, you didn’t know there was more than one?! That’s right, there are different types of cinnamon that grow in different places and all taste slightly different from one another. We’re breaking down the difference between the two most popular types of cinnamon and the benefits of each. Keep reading to find out which cinnamon you should be using! 
5 Best Ways To Beat Work Stress And Increase Productivity

5 Best Ways To Beat Work Stress And Increase Productivity 0

Reports suggest that stress and anxiety affect 1.3 percent of the workforce and are the leading cause behind most industrial mishaps. Regardless of the position you hold on the corporate ladder, no one is immune to the pressure of daily working life. The good news is that people increasingly recognize the importance of greater awareness of mental health issues nowadays.

Most modern organizations have adopted proactive ways to avoid employee exhaustion and stress. After all, stress and fatigue have a direct impact on employee productivity. With that, here’s showing you five ways to beat work stress and increase productivity.

Superfood Spotlight: Maca

Superfood Spotlight: Maca 0

We're shining some light on the recently popular Maca powder. Maybe you've heard of Maca but you're not quite sure what it is or what it does, or perhaps you have no idea what it is but you've been eyeing those "adaptogenic" lattes that sound like they're going to give you your own superpowers (spoiler alert: they basically do!) Keep reading to learn all about Maca and how you could benefit from adding it to your diet!
The Difference Between Pre and Probiotics, Plus Why You Need Both

The Difference Between Pre and Probiotics, Plus Why You Need Both 0

We’re breaking down the different between prebiotics and probiotics, including how you could benefit from adding more of the former into your diet and why it's essential to have enough of both.
Matcha 101- A Cultural Perspective

Matcha 101- A Cultural Perspective 0

If there’s one “superfood” that has become a staple in many households in North America today, it’s matcha. You can find matcha at your favourite coffee shop in the form of a matcha latte, baked into breads and trendy desserts and even listed as an ingredient in skincare. But did you know that the traditional matcha ceremony actually lasted anywhere from 3-4 hours? Do you know how many tools are traditionally used to make a cup of matcha? Are you aware that high quality matcha is made from shade-grown tea leaves and why this is the case? Below we’re breaking down a brief history of matcha and the important traditions that surround it. While matcha continues to be enjoyed in new and innovative ways, it’s vital that we learn where and who it came from in order to maintain a respectful appreciation today.