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8 Spices To Better Health

8 Spices To Better Health 0

Ever feel like spicing up your life? We don’t mean a change of scenery or a new haircut – we mean literally spicing up your life - in the kitchen that is. Here are eight of our favourite spices that will not only add a depth of flavour to your dishes but offer some pretty amazing health benefits too!  
Why We Love Pumpkin and Why You Should Too

Why We Love Pumpkin and Why You Should Too 0

If we had to sum up fall into 3 words, it would be Pumpkin Spiced Everything. It may sound like an exaggeration, but we assure you, this isn’t a drill. We are pumpkin obsessed over here and once we tell you why, you will be too!    
5 Superfoods for SuperSKIN

5 Superfoods for SuperSKIN 0

You're walking the aisles of beauty store and you see a 14-step skin care routine and think to yourself “I have to buy ALL of this to have nice skin?” Who can relate? Been there, done that and let us tell you, it is not a good feeling (for you or your bank account). Defeated, you might think to yourself - you'll never have the skin you want. Well, think again. What if we told you that beautiful skin comes from within? No, we aren’t just talking about inner beauty (although every important, you’re ALL beautiful!) When it comes to skincare, it’s not only about what you put on your body, but also about what you put in your body. Here are 5 superfoods to help you glow from the inside out! 
How To Get Rid of Coffee Jitters

How To Get Rid of Coffee Jitters 0

We’ve all been there – your alarm goes off, you open your eyes and your inner voice screams “COFFEE! NOW!”. You’re one hour post coffee and the anxiety and jitters that often come with it have started to set in. It seems like a constant catch 22. The good news? We’ve got you covered! Here are some tips for alleviating those caffeine jitters + a recipe for a tasty and energizing coffee alternative! 
What Type of Cinnamon Is Best?

What Type of Cinnamon Is Best? 0

What kind of cinnamon are you using? Oh, you didn’t know there was more than one?! That’s right, there are different types of cinnamon that grow in different places and all taste slightly different from one another. We’re breaking down the difference between the two most popular types of cinnamon and the benefits of each. Keep reading to find out which cinnamon you should be using! 
Matcha 101- A Cultural Perspective

Matcha 101- A Cultural Perspective 0

If there’s one “superfood” that has become a staple in many households in North America today, it’s matcha. You can find matcha at your favourite coffee shop in the form of a matcha latte, baked into breads and trendy desserts and even listed as an ingredient in skincare. But did you know that the traditional matcha ceremony actually lasted anywhere from 3-4 hours? Do you know how many tools are traditionally used to make a cup of matcha? Are you aware that high quality matcha is made from shade-grown tea leaves and why this is the case? Below we’re breaking down a brief history of matcha and the important traditions that surround it. While matcha continues to be enjoyed in new and innovative ways, it’s vital that we learn where and who it came from in order to maintain a respectful appreciation today.