Roasted Baru Seeds
Roasted Baru Seeds

Roasted Baru Seeds

  • Baru seeds taste like a mixture between almonds and cashews but they're 100% nut free!
  • Often referred to as 'baru almond' or 'baru nut'.
  • Our Roasted Baru Seeds are a good source of healthy fats, fiber, vitamin E and iron.
  • A great source of plant protein.
  • Gently roasted to improve digestibility.
  • 100% school safe and kid approved.
  • Sustainably grown and harvested in the Cerrado, the tropical Savannah of Brazil.
  • Wild-crafted and handpicked.
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How to use it
  • Ready for snacking right out of the bag.
  • Try making your own school safe baru seed butter by blending together baru seeds, coconut oil and your sweetener of choice to create a seed butter.
Roasted Baru Seeds

Roasted Baru Seeds


Maximum Nutrition

Organic & Natural


No Added Sugar



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